Christopher Michael is an American fashion designer. He’s the lead designer for his Boutique label by Christopher Michael. Christopher is pioneering his own vision with a unique way he remixes T-Shirts into one-off custom designs that clients just can’t wait to show off. His approach to Denim is equally creative, with the use of multiple pairs of jeans to make one exclusive pair. These designs can not be purchased from any retail space on Earth. If you need a designer for your next red carpet or black tie event, check the Tailor Shop. Destroy Us All is a lifestyle brand designed by Christopher Michael for the youth culture. It has many different variants of appeal to clients with distinct taste. Destroy Us All is redefining their approach to lifestyle & branding. “ In a world full of extremes too much of anything can Destroy Us All ” 

What we Sell

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1234 Christopher St. #1000
Michael , CA